Miss Charlie is gnarly

chapter 1

My name is A.J and I hate school. But I love football and video games. A weird girl walked in our class Miss Tulip introduced her my name is Miss Charlie she said Miss Tulip. Do  you want to go  to the rink? yes said all the girls! No said all the boys. Do you want Blue, Red or Yellow Ice skates  said Miss Charlie.

chapter 2

How about you A.J said Miss Charlie how about blue I said how about you Ryan I will take green said Ryan now Michael red Neil black.

  chapter 3 and for the girls it is pink skates. A.J you can be line leader said Miss Charlie yay I said Ryan can be the door holder she said. And we want too the rink. Miss Charlie is the best skater in the world. when we were done Miss Charlie gave me a high five  so did you like it she said no I loved it I said. A.J I am so sorry she said why? School is not open this week she said and than she showed us a magic card trick. Than we went home but I did not want too go home the next week as I was walked up the steps then Miss Charlie came running up to me and said  you can come to school on the weekend if I want. Maybe Mr Brandon will make Miss Charlie the principle of the school but it won’t be easy!

The End