Disaster Strikes

Everyone is lining up at the castle doors except me who is me you ask well I’m Lilly Rose Crown. My parents want me to married to the prince but I don’t want to but hear I am getting  put into a   ballgown right now. My parents are pushing me out the door as I walk into the ballroom it’s 5:00 clock. The prince of hibiscus asked me to dance so I said,” yes “. It’s been 2 hours of dancing then I see then prince start walking over to me. And he says,” Hello I prince Anderson of the orchid and you are”? “I’m Lilly Crown.” “Care to dance With me” asked Anderson so I replied, “Okay’. We danced until 11:50 clock Then when the clock sticks midnight BOOM the ballroom explodes a piece of the ceiling falls onto some people and we hear gunshots but then I started running away and got to the edge of the kingdom I stop because there is a  river so I guess I could swim across so I did and I  see the prince Anderson and he runs to me and says, “I love you will you marry me.” So I replied,” Yes a millon times yes.”

    So they got married and lived happily ever after

                     The End